Who Should Attend?

We are organising an international conference with intent to better understand the best practises across the world and gauge the pulse of the market regarding maritime cluster project. We wish to involve Industry, leading maritime cluster organisations and experts in Maritime cluster in this debate along with following entities that could interested in attending the seminar

1.  Shipping lines: Container lines, shipping companies operating along western coast of India.
2.  Shipping agents including freight forwarders, Custom Agents etc
3.  Shipbrokers, ship operators, trading houses with chartering and shipping requirements and ship commercial managers, chemical traders, importers.
4.  Ship breaking companies
5.  Banks with exposure to shipping lines, breaking companies, commodity traders, financial advisors, consultants.
6.  Surveyors, ship chandlers, stevedores
7.  Port companies, marine infrastructure providers
8.  Maritime law firms, Port consulting firms
9.  Marine outsourcing/ Logistics agencies – commercial and technical
10.  Classification society, P & I clubs representatives
11.  Marine Experts & Academicians
12.  Researchers & Students